A Community Health and Education Center in Hope, Maine.


  • To provide a safe, sacred and inclusive space for individual and group learning, healing and development.
  • To offer facilitated learning and healing experiences focused primarily on herbal medicine, but also including Earth-based spirituality, other healing therapies, land healing practices, permaculture, sustainable living practices and homesteading.
  • To inspire, empower and support our human community in deepening our connection with our whole selves, our greater community of beings and our spirit community.

Jillian Hyllantree Twisla

Jillian is a health educator, clinical herbalist, mystic, mother and gardener. She offers consultations and classes as a part of acting in alignment with her calling to bring plant medicine, spirit connection and presence into her own life and into the shared life of her community. “If you follow your bliss you put yourself on […]


The Twisla Homestead

Classes and consultations are held at my home in Hope, Maine. My partner, Ryan, and I share a deep commitment to the land where we’ve made our home and we are building our homestead in alignment with that commitment. We respectfully acknowledge that we are residing on Wabanaki land. Part of the way that we […]