Weekend Chakras Intensive 2019

This weekend intensive is an invitation to delve deeply into your own energy system, to look closer at patterns of balance and imbalance; and to explore, in safe space, paths for releasing and healing by way of creating new patterns. The 7 chakra system of understanding the human energy body will provide a container and a guide for grasping more clearly the ways in which life experience, and specifically our perceptions and reactions to our experiences, have an effect on our energetic and physical bodies. As Caroline Myss says, our biography becomes our biology.

We will discuss the chakras in depth: the essential identity of each chakra and the types of energy patterns which are held in each region of the body. It is these relationships which give us a place to work from in determining where a specific illness, fear or ongoing “problem” may have stemmed from, and it also gives us a clue as to where to begin to resolve and release it. In this context, illness is an opportunity for personal growth and our symptoms give us insight into where the real imbalance lies so that we may address it. In group, we will discuss healthy chakra patterns and practices to make the shift to living in greater alignment with our best health.

We will work with various techniques to gain insight into our energy bodies and into potential paths for healing: including meditation, journeying, plant spirit communication, creative expression as well as group process and discussion.

This course is based on learning about the way our body stores and manages energy through personal experience, which is an ideal place to jump off from if you are wishing you bring a greater awareness of the energy body into your own life or into your professional healing practice. You do not have to have a specific condition or concern to benefit from this class. None of us are perfect, which is wonderful, because it means we all have the challenge and opportunity to improve our patterns of living.

July 19th @10am through July 21st @4:30pm
Cost: $330
Location: the Hyllantree Herbcraft Classroom in Hope, Maine
Meals: Lunch is provided each day, we will do our best to meet diverse dietary needs and preferences.

Overnight camping is available. The space is rustic but comfortable. You are welcome to camp indoors or anywhere on the surrounding 30 acres of land.
A $50 non-refundable deposit holds your space in this course (limited to 10 participants) and the remainder must be paid in full by July 1st.

Our time together is scheduled from 10am-4:30pm each day.