Plant Spirit Sessions

I plan to get back to offering plant spirit sessions in the winter of 2018 and am not currently booking sessions. Please refer to the classes section of the website for current offerings.

My first role in a Plant Spirit Session¬†is to create and hold safe and sacred space, to ensure that you are safe, supported and guided into a state of openness and awareness, where you can engage fully with the healing process and receive any information and/or support available to you from the spirit world. My second role is to step aside and become a channel for the plants to offer their spirit medicine through me. At times I am guided to simply act as a conduit, to allow their energy to work through me,¬† at other times I am given words, phrases or visions which can be of service to the client. I am sometimes guided to offer a flower essence for these sessions to provide a more physical influence, but not always. Often, I am directed to places in the person’s energy system that are blocked, holding trauma and stagnant, or are leaking energy.

My understanding from working with the plants is that they each hold an imprint, you could say a personality, which is particular to them and which is relational to the human experience but with much more maturity and wisdom. When we open ourselves to working with them, they are able to offer us that imprint, that healthy¬† energy pattern, around a particular energy center, experience, belief system, trauma or action. We, in turn, can take that imprint and bring it into our way of being such that we are able to release negative patterns or self-sabotaging beliefs and embrace positive habits. Usually, a specific plant spirit will show up for a session, a plant whose energetic imprint, who’s wisdom, is appropriate to what the client needs to shift in themselves to better align with health and wellness. After years of working deeply with the plant spirits in my own life and in my profession, I have built a solid relationship of trust and understanding, which enables me to act as a conduit for their healing work.

Before you arrive I call in my protectors and guides to set safe and sacred space with the intention for you to receive exactly what would be most beneficial to you at this time. Together, we will do a short grounding practice so that we may come into the space fully. After a brief intake in which I support you to voice your intent for the session, you may sit in a chair or lay (fully clothed) on a massage table while invite in the plant spirits to support you in your healing. Depending on how I am guided to conduct the session, I will take more of a Reiki approach to the session, meaning I will move along your body, allowing energy to move through me and into your energy centers wherever it is needed; or a shamanic approach, in which I will sit in one spot, usually at your feet or head, and journey for information, understanding, visions or messages that can be of benefit to you. My goal is to listen deeply to my guides about what is happening for you energetically, to hold safe and supportive space for you to engage in the healing process, and to offer myself as a conduit for plant spirit energy to reach you.