I offer a range of classes and experiential learning opportunities on herbal medicine, plant spirit medicine, ancestral healing, flower essences, anatomy, energy anatomy, permaculture, and homesteading. To receive updates when new courses or dates are announced, please subscribe to my newsletter on the contact page. Scroll down for current offerings.

A portion of all course fees are allocated for an annual donation to Nibezun

COURSES that Jillian is currently offering:

Whole Being Anatomy 2023-2024

This in-depth course offers an inquiry into the systems, processes and organs of the human body in layers: physical anatomy and physiology, the energy body, elemental links with the Earth and ecological systems, as well as elemental links with medicinal plants and astrological influences. One of the benefits I enjoyed in choosing to study at […]


Ancestral Remembrance 2023-2024

This year-long commitment is meant to serve as a practical and well-held container within which to consciously re-weave your life within the context of your ancestral lineages and traditions. We are not here floating isolated in a moment of time and space, rather we are positioned between ancestors of the past and ancestors yet to […]

Plant Spirit Medicine 2024

This course is an opportunity for those who already have a developing relationship with plants and plant medicine to honor that relationship, to prioritize it in your life and to explore it more deeply in community. Plants are our ancestors and our relatives, they have ancient souls and intelligence which is similar and also different […]

Invasive Plant Medicine Weekend Intensive

Update: Suzanne and I have decided to take a year off from offering this weekend intensive to focus on holding the longer, 9 month version of this course. We’d love for you to consider joining us for this 9 month deep dive! We loosely expect to hold the weekend intensive version again in 2024! You […]

Personal Mentorship

This is something that I offered for the first time in 2018 at the request of a previous course participant who wanted to go deeper in her study with my support. I really enjoyed supporting her in this way and found that the one-on-one mentoring experience offered several positive aspects that aren’t really possible in […]

Invasive Plant Medicine 9 Month Course 2023

I’ve always been deeply interested in the unloved ones, in those who are cast aside. Those who are not valued by the society of any given moment in time and find themselves on the outs… Given that I’m generally not into most of the beliefs and implications of “the society of any given moment”, those […]

Teaching with the Earthwalk School

I have been teaching year round with the Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions in Rockport, ME since they opened, for over 6 years now! Melanie Scofield and Steve Byers are excellent herbalists and teachers of heart and I have loved working with them to support Mel’s vision of an herbal school here in the Midcoast. […]