Plant Spirit Medicine 2021

This course is currently full for 2021 but I am keeping a wait list in case anyone who is registered has to change their plans and a space opens up. Please feel welcome to email me to get on the wait list.
This is an annual offering and will be offered again in 2022. Registration opens in January and I post a reminder to my newsletter list (sign up on contact page) and on instagram.

This course is an opportunity for those who already have a developing relationship with plants and plant medicine to honor that relationship, to prioritize it in your life and to explore it more deeply in community. Plants are our ancestors and our relatives, they have ancient souls and intelligence which is similar and also different to ours. Through honoring them and inviting them to be our teachers and our guides, we may step into deeper relationship and by consequence: learn to work in greater alignment with them, learn to walk more gently and humbly in the world, and learn to more deeply embrace the evolution of our own healing. And… it’s an opportunity to have fun! The plants love when we relax, laugh together and explore with childlike wonder. They meet us well there. So in a way I also see this course as adult summer camp for plant lovers!

We will explore different methods to help you develop the experience and confidence to work with plants in a more clear, relational and direct way in your own life and in your practice. Together, we will remember how to communicate with the green world and we will refine our skills of perception, interpretation and integration of their gifts.

This course is for you if you are ready to make a commitment to your personal relationship with the plant world and it will require you to honor the sacredness inherent to the natural world. It is an invitation to dig deep, to open your heart and mind, and to reconnect with the green ancestors still alive within you and living all around you: the healers, the teachers, the supporters, the protectors. You will be supported in the process of coming home to the place in yourself that honors and respects all other beings and works with them in a co-creative manner. This experience can be joyous and life changing, but it is up to you to be ready to invite a deeper level of co-creative existence and respect into your life.

Together, we will explore:
Plant Intelligence
Setting Sacred Space
Embodied Practice
Shamanic Visioning and Journeying
Communicating with Plant Spirits
Dowsing as a Medium for Intuition
Reciprocity with the Spirit World
Right Relationship
Protector Plants
Energy Anatomy based on the work of Caroline Myss
Healing Techniques for the Energy Body
Flower Essences and other Plant Spirit Preparations
Plant Songs
Spiritual Bathing/ Cleansing with Plants
Energy Hygiene
Body Scanning
Ancestral Plant Magic
Sacred Objects and Plant-Honoring Craftwork

This course (as with all my courses) is rooted in a kind, earth-honoring, anti-racist, queer-friendly, and class aware ethic. If you have any questions about this, please feel a very warm welcome to reach out and engage me in a conversation about it. Showing up in a spirit of openness and kindness is necessary for course participation.

As with all of my work, this course comes forth from a deep and trusting co-creative partnership between me and my guides, my plant allies and my deeply healed and well ancestors. I drop in with them in regards to nearly every aspect of the class – from scheduling and content to navigating flow and meeting the energies that arise. There is a strong foundational intent that the content be deeply rooted in my people’s traditions and my direct learnings from the plants and not appropriated from others’ traditions or experiences. I check in with them each year before I even consider posting anything, to ask them if they’re up for holding it with me, how it should look, if anything needs to change, and we go from there. They are helping to hold the container and our intention together is to hold this class with authenticity, humility and the potentized energy that comes from leaning into big, loving and wise powers.

12 Saturdays beginning in May and ending in November, our days go from 10am to 4:30pm.
Cost: $1,150
Limited to 10 participants this year
Location: the Hyllantree Classroom in Hope, Maine
BYO Lunch (we don’t do potlucks during covid time)

In order to be mindful and attentive of safety in the middle of the ongoing pandemic, we will plan to mostly meet outdoors for the duration of the course. There is both sun and shade in the place we will meet and blankets and camping chairs will be provided. In the case of rain, we may meet in the greenhouse or indoors with masks. It will be required that all attendees do a personal health check before each class and stay home if necessary to ensure the safety of others in the group.

Overnight camping is available. You are welcome to camp anywhere on the surrounding 30 acres of land. It’s mostly wooded but there are some really amazing spots.
A $200 non-refundable deposit holds your space in this course. At least $650 must be paid before the first class, and the remainder must be paid in full by the 1st of August.

Some aspects of the course can be recorded, such as instructions for various activities and the short lecture components, so if you had to miss a day or two it would be ok, but most of the course is experiential and will not be recorded.

Call (207.230.9526) or email ( with inquires and to register.