Personal Mentorship

This is something that I offered for the first time over the summer of 2018 at the request of a previous student who wanted to go deeper in her study with my  support. I really enjoyed teaching in this way and found that the one-on-one teaching experience offered several positive aspects that aren’t really possible in a group setting. One major advantage is that the student is able to request a focus on specific subjects. The student is also able to help design the format of our time together based on their learning style and, wonderfully, we can continually assess and reformat as interests and passions arise in the material, or as new ideas for information integration present themselves. The one-on-one approach allows for an experience that feels closer to an old world traditional passing-on of knowledge, is more of an equal partnership approach to learning as opposed to top-down, and honors the understanding that people learn best when their teacher follows their interests and stems from what they are truly yearning for and ready to learn.

Because of the nature of this offering, it’s important that someone seeking this type of experience be self-motivated and clear on what they wish to gain from the experience.

The format can be oriented more towards a hands-on approach, discussion based approach, homework and then integration approach, or anything that best suits the individual.
Our focus can be centered on aspects of traditional herbalism, or more spiritual: centered on intuition and spirit relationships or ancestral healing. We can prioritize developing a better understanding of the human body, deepening your relationships with plants, learning materia medica, understanding actions and indications, foundational herbalism, ritual skills or personal healing, or explore specific fields such as pregnancy, queer health, children, medicine making, plant identification, building a home garden and apothecary, using herbal medicine for your family, energy anatomy, journey work, clinical preparation, practicing case studies, etc. There are really endless possibilities for how we design the format of our time together and it’s all based on what you want guidance, witnessing and support with.

Base format: 20 sessions of 1.5 hours each, meeting every week or every other week, depending on what you prefer. (30 total 1:1 hours)
Since the pandemic I have been doing most mentorship sessions by zoom but check in if you want to explore in-person sessions.
Cost: $1,550 with 12 work trade hours helping with various plant related tasks on my homestead. I am open to converting more of the cost to work trade if you have skills which are relatable to homestead projects that may be underway, or to increasing the cost if you would rather not do work trade.

Those engaging in a mentorship will be prioritized for available support opportunities in other classes as a way to make concurrent classes more accessible to them.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of a mentorship, please email me directly and include the following information:
Your name
Your background working with plant medicine thus far
What you would be hoping to get out of this mentorship
What subjects you are most interested in learning about
What the most fruitful educational experience you’ve previously had entailed and why it was so meaningful for you
Any questions that you have about doing a mentorship with me

After I receive your email we can arrange a time to meet to discuss the details. Due to the nature of this experience, it is important to me that:
Our personalities are a good match – we are going to be spending a good deal of time together and I want to ensure that we both enjoy it
Your learning style matches my teaching style so you get as much as possible out of our time
My knowledge base meets your specific learning interests
We both have clear and attainable expectations

This is a one of a kind experience and can be really wonderful when it’s a good match, but it may not be for everyone and it’s very important to me that we ensure we’re a good fit before diving in.