As a white-bodied person of European ancestry living here in North America, I am conscious of the history of oppression that has resulted in my layers of privilege. I also recognize that the mainstream resurgence in herbalism has a history of being very white-centric as well as cis and hetero centering. This is improving thanks to the hard work of many BIPOC, Queer folks and allies, but there’s a lot of room for further improvement.

From this grounding, I offer scholarships for classes and reduced consultation rates for people whose culture or identity has been subject to oppression resulting in the denial of access to healthcare, education and mainstream herbalism. Specifically, this financial support is available for people who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Color, Queer and Trans folks and people with a physical disability.

While preference is given to folks as outlined above, once those applications are fulfilled, I am sometimes able to to extend scholarships to others in need. If you are interested in a scholarship for a class or a reduced consultation/session rate, please email me with your name, preferred pronouns, contact info, and a paragraph or so about yourself and why this class/session resonates for you.