Flower Essences

I offer intuitive flower essence formulation as a way to help make energetic support available to anyone in need. I formulate an essence especially for you, your friend, or family member, by asking the plants who would like to work with them through whatever they are experiencing. I have over 150 flower essences in my apothecary. I made many of them while in a state of deep prayer and listening. The ones that I’ve purchased are from makers whom I trust and respect.

Flower essences can support a wide range of specific challenges or blockages. Truthfully, for anything that humans can experience, there is a flower essence suited for support. There are essences to support people through life transitions, with processing grief, releasing negative habits, beliefs or patterns, opening the heart, opening the mind, turning over a new leaf, releasing ancestral trauma, facing daily life and many other common situations.

An intuitive formula is ideal for providing some profound but incredibly gentle support for anyone at any time that you feel they may be in need. I can formulate for you or for a friend or family member and I can mail essences to you, wherever you are. I prefer to have the name of the person I am formulating for so that I can be specific in stating my intention before divining for the formula, but I don’t need any other information unless you would like to provide more.

Flower essences are well suited to an intuitive process because they are exceptionally safe, containing no material presence of the plants, but only the energetic resonance, held in water. This means that while the effects can sometimes be profound, they are extremely gentle and safe. Essences are generally preserved with alcohol, but I can use vinegar or just water if you would like to avoid alcohol. It will just have a shorter shelf-life. A 2oz bottle is usually ideal but other sizes are available.

Intuitive flower essence formulations are $45 plus shipping. This includes a 2oz bottle of your formula and a write-up of the essences included, their energetic alignments, and any thoughts or images that came through to me during the formulation and preparation process.

I accept payment via cash, check, venmo, paypal, visa and mastercard