Shamanic Healing

Like many folks, I’ve been engaged in shamanic practice my whole life. For me, bringing this practice into the world to be shared with others has been more of a process of learning the common language by which humans understand this way of living in relationship with the world, and then seeking training to help me refine my boundaries, skills and relationships so that I can be safe and effective in support of others. I’ve had many wonderful mentors, incarnate and discarnate, notably Evelyn Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton, who’ve helped me to step into this work in a good way.

All shamanic work is based in relationship. It’s effectiveness is rooted in the practitioner’s connection with their guides, spirit teachers and ancestors. From a place of  partnership with my ancestors and spirit guides, and always informed by my client’s perceptions, my job is to expand my awareness into the spirit world to understand what is most needed for restoring wellness, connection and personal power for my client. This may include releasing unbeneficial energies from the body, connecting with beneficial spirits to walk with you as protectors, teachers or guides, retrieving lost soul fragments, or discerning what beliefs or patterns are holding you back from fuller self-realization.

Shamanic healing is particularly suited to situations where there has been a major life shift, trauma or opening from which we are reeling and re-negotiating our way forward. It is well suited to situations where there’s a feeling of stuckness or a blockage in our healing path and nothing seems to help us forward. It’s also suited to periods of wellness, when we might have the capacity to dig a little deeper, sure up our foundations, lean in with our guides and align to a future that we want to manifest in our lives.

I currently offer shamanic healing sessions as a 3 session bundle by zoom or phone (I will resume in-person sessions after the pandemic has settled). The initial 45 minute session gives us time to discuss what’s happening for you and serves as an opportunity for me to tune in with my teachers and guides to inquire what would be beneficial for you at this time. The second 60 minute session, scheduled about a week later, is when the practice takes place and generally includes one or more of the practices listed below, followed by a debrief and grounding practice. The third session, 30-60 minutes and another week later, is an opportunity to check in on how things are shifting and settling, to work with anything that’s come up if necessary, and to develop a tending practice to support ongoing healing.

Total cost for this package is $250 and includes a couple of follow up email check-ins as well. I do not offer online scheduling for this practice because it’s important for me to ensure that this is a good fit for you before we begin. Please call or email me to schedule.
If you wish to do additional sessions or to receive on-going coaching after this initial package, we can do them on a session-by-session basis.

Practices may include:
Extraction of unbeneficial energies
Power Animal Retrieval
Plant Ally Retrieval
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Journeying & Coaching
Soul Guidance
Clearing Harmful Energies (from your home or other spaces)
Psychopomp (helping the dead to cross over)